PR-1080 LS

X ray luggage scanner PR-1080 LS

PR-1080 LS

Confronted with economic crisis, frequent terrorist attacks, nowadays x-ray scanner meets higher market requirement. The limitations of single view (one x-ray generator only) have been recognized gradually. Multi-view x-ray scanner (more than one x-ray generator) has been adopted in airport and other important sectors in Europe and North America. In near future, multi-view x-ray scanner will become popular in more countries. With the efforts of elite team, SEE developed the first triple-view x-ray scanner we believe with its outstanding performance, it will quickly become market newly favor.


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Tunnel Size: 1000(W)*800(H) mm

Conveyor Speed: 0.50m/s

Conveyor height: 795mm

Conveyor Max Load: 200kg (75kg/m²)

Dose per Inspection<14µSv per inspection

Resolution: 40AWG

Spatial resolution: Level: dia1.3mm, Vertical: dia1.0mm

Penetrate resolution: 24WG to 34AWG

Penetration: 38mm Steel

Film Safety: Guarantee ISO1600 Film (33 DIN)

X-ray Leakage < 0.5µSv /h at the distance of 5 cm 2” from external housing

Operation Cycle: 100%, [start –up time about 1-2 for boot procedure and self-tests]

Throughput: Typically 2000 to 2300items/h

Data recording mediums: No damage to computer memories, such as cassettes, floppy disks or hard disks due to x-rays.

X-ray Sensor: L-Shaped Photodiode Array (multi-energetic), 12bit Deep

Monitor: High Resolution Color, LCD Accord, 17inch


X-ray Generator

Generate quantity: 3 pieces of generator in difference direction.

Beam direction: vertical and horizontal

Anode Voltage: 100~160Kv

Anode power: 0.4 to 1.2mA

Cooling / Duty Cycle: Oil Cooling /100

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