Our customers – including governments, system integrators, VARs, commercial enterprises, land, sea and air ports – choose IP Based Biometric Devices to meet their critical Security requirements every day because we provide the most flexible, scalable and secure platform & Products for managing identities in Border Management Environments, Civil Identity Applications, Traveler ID Solutions, Office and Warehouse Access Systems, Payroll Management and Employee Credentialing Solutions.

Addressing the multitude of threats to an organization’s physical and digital assets has become one of the most important challenges facing governments and enterprises today

In areas such as Government, Aviation, Financial Services and the Pharmaceutical industry, there is enormous pressure to implement measures that will increase overall security, reduce identity fraud and protect valuable IP (Intellectual Property) while ensuring the privacy of customer and patient records as well as employees and traveler information – all in a highly cost effective and convenient manner.

IP Based Biometric Devices provides a highly secure biometric access control system designed to protect access to secure areas or restricted zones in a building. IP Based Biometric Device’s secure physical access system can integrate with existing physical access systems and provides an enhanced layer of security through the use of biometric technology

At the heart of the system is IP Based Biometric Devices, IP Based Biometric Device’s flexible identity assurance platform. IP Based Biometric Devices connects seamlessly with common authentication methods used to access facilities such as PINs, ID badges, contact and contactless smart cards. By combining these methods with biometrics, IP Based Biometric Devices enables government departments and organizations to increase their security and build on their existing identification investments

By leveraging IP Based Biometric Devices Engine, organizations can benefit from using one common security platform for both logical and physical access control, thus reducing total cost of ownership significantly.

IP Based Biometric Devices provides a highly secure biometric access control system designed to protect confidential data and the information assets of an organization or government department.

This system offers the choice of using any biometric type such as finger, face or iris to biometrically log on, and ensures that only authorized individuals can gain access to systems or applications. A single enrollment offers users access to multiple systems and applications while providing a central point of control for the management of all identities.

IP Based Biometric Devices are flexible identity assurance platform, supports multiple identity mechanisms including PINs, passwords, tokens, smart cards, proximity cards, finger, face and iris, offering organizations the flexibility to use their preferred authentication method or combination of methods.

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